Your Well-being at Work

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From Chaos to Calm on the Job

Table of Contents

FAQ: Your Well-being at Work

  1. Introduction
  2. Well-being at Work is About You 
  3. Your Well-being at Work Model and Guiding Principles
  4. What is my employer’s role in my well-being at work?
  5. Well-being: What is in it for me?
  6. What is the cost of improving my well-being at work?
  7. Taming  the Change Dragon
  8. What are the side effects of well-being on the job?
  9. What do I need to do?
  10. Conduct a Cost/Benefit Analysis

Mindfulness – Concept and Tools

  1. Mindfulness at Work
  2. Appreciative Inquiry – A Mindfulness Tool
  3. Be Your Own Life Coach for Mindfulness
  4. Make Mindful Choices for Well-being
  5. Persist with Patience for Well-being
  6. Tips for Persisting with Patience

Self-realization – Concepts and Tools

  1. Self-realization and Well-being at Work
  2. All About Self-realization
  3. Developing Self-realization
  4. Your Values @ Work
  5. Identify Your Values
  6. Apply Your Values – Walk the Talk
  7. What is Meaning @ Work?
  8. Find Meaning in Your Work
  9. Learning at Work
  10. Create Your Personal Learning Plan
  11. Be a Self-directed Learner
  12. Ability, Motivation and Attitude
  13. Your Spirituality at Work

Belonging and Connectedness @ Work

  1.  Belonging and Connection
  2.  Building Connections and Community at Work
  3. Authenticity. It’s essential to your well-being at work.
  4. What does Authenticity Look Like?
  5. Compassion at Work
  6. Practical Compassion
  7. Responsibility and Accountability
  8. Accountability at Work
  9. Teamwork

The Nuts and Bolts of Well-being at Work

  1.  Problem-solving with Perspective








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