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Greetings Gentle Readers:

Papyrus of Ani Circa 1250 BCE

Papyrus of Ani
Circa 1250 BCE

I am a scribe in the “ancient” sense of the word. That means I write for other people. Over the course of my career, I have written a variety of documents related to business and science – just about everything from annual reports to user guides. However, unlike my predecessors in ancient Egypt, China, Mexico, Norway and other civilizations, I have not taken inventory or kept tax rolls; even though I once inventoried parts in an auto shop. I counted every lug nut, gasket and spark plug in the place; but I didn’t have to write a report about it. So, it doesn’t count.

In ancient Israel, scribes were scholars and teachers. No, I do not consider myself a scholar, although I have an insatiable curiosity for just about everything and a passion for teaching. I read books on brain physiology for fun and when I was a child – probably nine or ten years old, my sister and I tried to learn to play poker using the description in the encyclopedia. That didn’t work out too well.

Furthermore, like the scribes of history, I wrote on behalf of my manager and various executives – my liege, to use a term from Middle Ages, the person to whom I owed allegiance – the one who signed my paychecks. I learned to write in their voices to communicate their messages. I was a ghost writer.

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Your Humble Scribe at Work

After so many years writing for and in the voice of others, I am writing in my voice. In this space, I combine my writing experience, with my insatiable curiosity and my passion for sharing knowledge with you, my gentle readers. I have extensive experience as an employee, manager, consultant and writer, along with degrees in psychology and human resources/industrial relations, and I bring my experience and knowledge base to this blog. I also have a wonderful network of subject matter experts who graciously allow me to pick their brains.

What I write about in this blog will depend on a variety of factors; such as work-related  stories in the news, ways to improve your work, laws that govern employee/employer interactions or in response to questions you ask me. I tend to look at life from a slightly different point of view; so, hopefully, it will be interesting, helpful and sometimes amusing.

I welcome your feedback. If you have a question or just something, you want to know about related to work and the workplace, please tell me in the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Work well and be well,

Diane C.
Your Humble Scribe




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