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Thank a Teacher

Elizabeth Green, Dedicated Teacher

Elizabeth Green, Dedicated Teacher & Education Advocate

I crossed paths with Elizabeth Green during a recent trip to Chicago. She is a dedicated teacher and, with simplicity and grace, has described the strengths and benefits of our education system in her post Reasons to be Thankful for the American Education System.  With all the bad press that education gets these days, it is important that we take a look at all aspects of education. Please take a few minutes to read Elizabeth’s blog
As a former teacher, sister to a teacher and proud to have friends who are teachers, I am especially pleased by the last two paragraphs of the post about dedicated teachers. If you have spent more than 60 seconds with a teacher in a social situation, you will know these points are true. Oh, the stories I could tell…
One last thought:  Thank a teacher this week. If it were not for caring teachers, you would not be able to read this blog.

Tell us about a memorable teacher you had.  Mine was Mr. McKay, high school psychology teacher and wrestling coach. Thanks to him, I have a degree in psychology and I know more about wrestling than I ever really wanted to know.

I Care About Greyhound Rescue

Frodo is a young brindle male rescued from Kansas (Photo courtesy of Greyhound Adoption Center)

Frodo is a young brindle male rescued from Kansas
(Photo courtesy of Greyhound Adoption Center)

I am Diane C., your humble scribe and author of this blog. I love dogs, but; for a while, because of my living situation, I wasn’t able to adopt a dog.  So, I volunteered at the Greyhound Adoption Center in El Cajon, CA.

Greyhound rescue began in the 1970s and grew out of concern for the plight of retired racing greyhounds.  Typically, greyhounds were euthanized once their racing/breeding careers were over.   The “accepted wisdom” at that time was that greyhounds were not suitable as pets because they were “racers” – a racing career is approximately three (3) years.

Ironically, greyhounds, even retired racers, make wonderful pets. They are quiet, docile dogs that require no more exercise that the average large breed dog. In fact, they sleep about 20 hours a day. They are clean with minimal shedding, easy to train, and love their humans – think “Velcro” dog.

The Greyhound Adoption Center  (GAC) in San Diego, Ca rescues greyhounds from all over the western United States, Mexico, and Guam. At GAC, they receive health care, socialization, training and lots of love. The dedicated volunteers care for the hounds, provide pre-and post-adoption assistance, and educate the public about these wonderful dogs. Please visit the GAC website and help a hound.


I Care About Smile Train Clef Lip/Palate Repair

Cinthya Andrade Before and After Surgery Photo courtesy of Smile Train

Cinthya Andrade Before and After Surgery
Photo courtesy of Smile Train

Andrea is a speech/language pathologist (speech therapist) in San Diego, CA. She works with three- and four-year old children on language development. She knows how serious a clef palate/clef lip can be for a child and is passionate about supporting efforts to repair the condition.

Smile Train is an international charity that provides cleft lip and cleft palate surgery to children in need, as well as providing cleft-related training to doctors. This birth defect is a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children who are suffering with unrepaired clefts.  and, more than 170,000 children are born every year with a clef lip or palate.Most cannot eat or speak properly, aren’t allowed to attend school or hold a job. And, they face very difficult lives filled with shame, isolation, pain and heartache.Please visit the Smile Train web site to find out how you can help those in need.

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I Care About Homeless Veterans

Homeless in America Photo by C.G.P. Gray, Used with Permission

Homeless in America
Photo by C.G.P. Gray, Used with Permission

John L. is a Viet Nam era vet. After living on the streets for several years, he was able to find solutions to his problems and found a home of his own. Now, John is dedicated to helping homeless veterans who are working on finding their own solutions and need a home of their own. John founded Homeless Veteran Service, (HVS) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to providing clean, safe, affordable & dignified living spaces for homeless veterans. This is a service for veterans by veterans. Please help HVS help those who risked their lives to defend our freedom.

Please visit Homeless Veteran Service to make a Donation or Shop to Support Veterans.

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I Care About Amyloidosis

Red Blood Cells Image courtesy of All-free-download,com

Red Blood Cells
Image courtesy of All-free-download,com

Amyloidosis is a rare and fatal blood disease and, currently there is no cure.  Amyloid proteins are deposited in the organs and tissues of the body causing irreparable damage. People with amyloidosis have chest pains, trouble breathing and walking short distances.  Because it is so rare, it is frequently misdiagnosed as heart or other problems.

The Amyloidosis Foundation estimates that approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with amyloidosis each year in North America and that blood cancers overall have increased more than 40% in the last decade. The Foundation supports research through its grant program, works towards raising awareness of the disease and helps patients and their families. Please visit the website to learn more about this disease and how you can help.

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I Care About “Soldiers Who Salsa”

Image courtesy of All-free-download.comJennifer Ables is the Executive Director of Soldiers Who Salsa (SWS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. She also teaches salsa dancing to military service members and veterans recovering from the injuries they received in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Jennifer, “Anything I can do to support our military is an honor. This program currently offers a weekly salsa class to amputees, traumatic brain injury and PTSD patients who are recovering at military hospitals and other facilities around the United States. As a professionally trained ballroom dance instructor, teaching this class is so rewarding – watching patients regain balance, develop new memory patterns, and just have fun dancing salsa!”

Mission Statement
“To enhance and enrich the lives of active and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families though a unique program incorporating therapeutic social dancing with a variety of music and professional instruction.”

To learn more about SWS visit the web site or go to Solders Who Salsa on Facebook.