Amazing People, Everyday Heros

Image of two sets of footprints crossing paths in the sanSometimes, I feel like I am living the Buddhist proverb: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I get to meet amazing people every day. People who touch my life although they may not know. I learned about grace and gratitude from a homeless woman. I learned about courage from a Navy veteran; determination  from a mother of special needs children; and the power of laughter from a man with cancer.

They are not rich or famous. They are ordinary people living ordinary lives, but they cross my path and teach me what I need to learn at that moment. I dedicate this page to some of the amazing people, whom I am honored to know and who have shared their wisdom and experience with me. Please take a few moments to meet a few of these amazing people, who are everyday heroes.

Amazing people cross our paths every day. Tell us about an amazing person you have met on your journey through life. Share your experience with us in the Comments section below.

Image courtesy of Finding LaNora.


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