Apply Your Values – “Walk the Talk”

Your well0being at work is more than just your job tritle or  list of titles. It is about how you live your values.

Note: This is the last of three articles the role your values play in your well-being at work. To refresh your memory, click on the links below:

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  2. Identify Your Values 

Values are meaningless if you do not apply them in your daily life. Not only do your “actions speak louder than words,” when it comes to values; you also add unnecessary stress to your work day if you do not act according to your values. Enhancing your well-being requires that you “walk the talk”, that you find specific ways you can apply your values every day. Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis, MN identified and defined four values that guide its operations – dignity, integrity, service, compassion.  These values are not just “marketing” tools, the organization developed lists of example “high anchor” and “low anchor” behaviors to help employees apply the principles to their work. In fact, as part of the annual performance review process, employees are evaluated on how well they apply the Fairview values in their daily work and managers identify areas for improvement necessary. For example:

  • Value: Compassion
  • Definition: We recognize and respond to the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of all the people we serve. We create a caring environment, conducive to healing, growth and well-being for all.
  • Low Anchor Behavior: Fails to consider the wishes, feelings, needs, limitations or circumstances of others.
  • High Anchor Behavior: Is receptive to the needs of others

Apply Your Values to Your Well-being

  1. For each of your top three values, list the aspect(s) you’re your well-being the value best supports. You may want to review the exercise in Identify your Values.
  2. Then, list two or three ways you can apply each value in your work. Think in context of high anchor behaviors.
  3. Select one or two values to work on using the High Anchor Behaviors and add daily or weekly reminders to your calendar or electronic device to work on your values.

Consider this… 

Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.” ~ Paul Wellstone

Are you walking the talk – living your values at work?

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