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Meet Krishna M. Jackson, Fellow Writer and Navy Veteran

Krishna M. Jackson (Photo “shamelessly borrowed” from

Krishna retired from the Navy in 2013, after 20 years of service as a Mass Communication Specialist. However, do not think that fancy title meant she had an easy ride. In Talk About Veterans: Life as a Veteran From A to Z, she writes: “In 1998 I went through SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) School and deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina as a videographer where I experienced some of the most incredible and disturbing events of my life.” (I cannot imagine doing SERE School or going into a war zone! My idea of “roughing it” is a hotel with no room service. Krishna gets big points for character and courage.)

I had the privilege of meeting Krishna today (May 14, 2014), and I was impressed by her courage and strength, determination and commitment. And, after reading her blog, I can tell you that she is an excellent writer – touching, insightful and amusing.  She candidly documents her journey from military to civilian life in her blogs, allowing us to get a glimpse of what it is like both in and out of uniform. In her May 7,2014 post, What’s in a Name? Talk About Veterans, she addresses the differences in a powerful and compassionate way:

“…I better write about things I am experiencing that many veterans can relate to and will help civilians understand us because we aren’t as different as we’re painted to be by the media and others. Almost everyone has experienced some level of suffering in their lives and the response to these hardships, whether in war or at home, is similar.”

Please take a few moments to read her May 7th post, as well as all her other posts. You will be moved, entertains and enlightened.

Krishna, thank you for your service and for sharing your experiences and insights with us.  I’m looking forward to reading your book.

Happy Writing,

Diane C. ;o)
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